Detective Agency Confidence

Detective Agency Confidence has a permit to operate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the license issued by the police.


  • A family affair
  • Determination of property and evidence to the court
  • The credibility of companies and employees
  • Divorce cases
  • Research spies
  • Search persons and property
  • Vindication

Detective Agency Confidence guarantees the discreteness and effectiveness. Each case is treated individually, we devote the necessary time to the Purchaser the service was fully satisfied. Many years of experience and integrity is a guarantee of the effectiveness and speed of action.

A relatively small amount spent on our services can protect your company against serious financial losses in business by the contractor or employee dishonesty.

Results of our work often protect against the sensation of serious disappointments of life partner and help you make the right decisions for the future.

The order may execute people with experience in a variety of services in the country and abroad. If necessary, the matter may take a specialist lawyer.

The Agency has a lot of experience, led hundreds of cases both for individual customers and businesses. The effects work often has been used in various institutions, mainly in the courts.

We have a wide range of customers satisfied with our services. We are flexible to the Employer. Help our client gives us great satisfaction.

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